Art Gallery

Welcome to “The Gallery at BOP”

Our hallway is still displaying unique and original art . I hope you enjoy it!

The glass artwork is done in three stages. First, I acquire old window and frames and shards of glass that are destined for the trash. Secondly, I design a glass-on-glass mosaic. Thirdly, I take photos of the nature through my recycled window art. The photos give an image of glass floating in air in front of a natural scene. I call these my “Images of Floating Glass”.

Now we are displaying my paper art. Our paper art is done on canvas or wood. They have become very popular and are now on display in many places including clinics around Boston. We have our own originals here.


Please ask if there is any interest to purchase pieces. Some of our art has been sold to Galleries or at auctions. Posters are available on request. Let us know if you are interested.

Proceeds go to NPH (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, the orphanage system I support).

Above you see samples of my paper art. And below are some samples of my glass art.

Thank you,

Brian G. Orr M.D.


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