Art Gallery

Welcome to “The Gallery at BOP”

Our hallway is still displaying unique and original art by me. I hope you enjoy it!

The artwork is done in three stages. First, I acquire old window and frames and shards of glass that are destined for the trash. Secondly, I design a glass-on-glass mosaic. Thirdly, I take photos of the nature through my recycled window art. The photos give an image of glass floating in air in front of a natural scene. I call these my “Images of Floating Glass”. Enjoy!

You can purchase pictures.

My mosaics are on sale starting at 200$

5×7 pictures are $25

8×10 pictures are $35

Proceeds go to NPH (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, the orphanage system I support).

Here are some samples of my art.

Thank you,

Brian G. Orr M.D.