We offer all of the following services:

Acute and Well Child Care

We care for children from birth until they are off their parent’s insurance. We have ample schedule space for newborns and their older siblings. Insurances cover yearly checkups after age three. Of course,  we see infants and young children much more frequently. Well Child Care is the most important thing we do. At the same time we leave space in the daily schedule for those illnesses that we all know come up with children.


Call us for an appointment!

Adolescent Health

Dr. Orr and Emily Reulet have had vast experience in taking care of teens of both sexes.  Dr. Orr has a long history of caring for teens. He has written articles on parenting teens and has run parenting workshops on the subject.  He has a special interest in caring for teens with anxiety and other issues that develop in these stress filled years.  Emily has special training in caring for teen girls.  She is the “go to” person on Cape Ann for female teen issues.

We have the experience to help you through these years!

Musculoskeletal Health

We have the experience to help your kids recover from injury. When we designed Brian Orr Pediatrics, we allowed for space to teach kids how to recover from muscle and skeletal injuries.  You may even see Dr. Orr get down on the ground to demonstrate needed stretches. We have Xray and Physical therapy in our building to help us out!

We are ready to help your child when he or she is hurt.

Lactation Consulting

This is unique to our Pediatric office.  Most Lactation counseling takes place in OB-GYN offices.  But that does not make sense to us. You can been seen at Brian Orr Pediatrics for your baby and for your lactation needs at the same time. Emily is an experienced Lactation Counselor and can help you through your nursing troubles.  The North Shore Nursing Mother’s group meets in our office once a month. Check our calender.

We will help you through your nursing struggles!

Behavioral Health

With the limited number of prescribers around for mental health issues, we have sought out training to make us important adjuncts in the care of kids with behavioral and mental health issues.  No matter the problem, from school issues to mood issues, we are
available. We work closely with area counselors to make sure your care is coordinated.  Dr. Orr has written extensively on children’s behavior.  You can read some of his articles on this website.

Come talk to us about your child’s behavior. We are here to listen!

Nutrition Counseling

There is nothing rising faster in the care of children then the issues of weight and diet. We not only have the training but we have the materials in our office to help. We are very interested in teaching the right way to eat!

Se Hable Espanol

Dr. Orr has worked in many Latin American countries and loves to help the Spanish speaking population in their own language.

Parent coffees

We have a nice Cafe that we use to give parents an opportunity to speak to us in an informal setting. Parents can help parents as well, since many of us face the same issues and develop our own solutions. Our goal is to get people talking tegether to help solve their problems in community.

Our coffees allow people to share their victories.

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