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Brian Orr PediatricianI love caring for kids. My job is to just help nature get them better. Because of my love for children, I always wanted to be a pediatrician. With my ability to speak Spanish, I’m able to extend my practice to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking families.

I also like counseling parents, and have had more than 100 parenting articles published across the country. I also offer workshops for parents on topics like how to fix behaviors that drive you nuts.  Another workshop is for parents of teens, and it focuses on how you can’t “fix” them so how can you live with them? In addition, I authored an award-winning book titled A Pediatrician’s Journal.


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  • Scheduling Babies
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  • Tips for Managing Screen Time
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  • Screen Time is Mean Time
    Years ago a number of pediatricians and I spoke about kids getting heavier. After years of Read More...

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